Ice Sculptor at Work
Frangipani Flowers Top Place Setting
Abbey Chef at Work

Au Bon Abbey caters to a finer palette. We take fine dining to new a level of sophistication and flavour savoring. Our clientele appreciate not only what they are eating but also enjoy the masterful platescape delivered to them for their aesthetic pleasure.

Event Design
Taking modern trends and styles and blending them with your vision to create an environment unique to you and the special occasion you are celebrating. From color themes to customized furniture layouts for lounge areas and dining halls, the purpose of event design is to bring that added layer of class and high society party atmosphere.

Gourmet Catering
Masterful dishes of delight created for more than just taste but also for artistic beauty when served up on your dinner plate. A fine tuned palette when programmed correctly will discern the chef's blend of flavours as a journey through which they have been invited to come along.

Ice Sculpture
Hand and lasered carved masterpieces created by a local artist from a block of ice about 4' x 4'. A centerpiece of beauty all the guests will admire and stare in intrigue.

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