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  1. This document sets out the policies of "Au Bon Abbey" regarding the protection of the rights of persons to privacy. Its purpose is to explain to contacts and all others who deal with Au Bon Abbey what types of personal information Au Bon Abbey collects and how that information is used.
  2. This policy reflects no commitment by, nor is it binding upon any party or parties other than Au Bon Abbey.
  3. At times, Au Bon Abbey collects certain personal information about people with whom it deals, either in their personal capacities or as representatives of client institutions, suppliers or other businesses. Such people are referred to in this policy as "Au Bon Abbey’s contacts" or as simply as "contacts".
  4. Au Bon Abbey collects identifiable personal data as well as non-identifiable personal information. Items of identifiable personal information, such as names and contact details, are collected and used as a matter of course in Au Bon Abbey’s daily work. Often a person’s identifiable personal information includes the role or roles the person plays on behalf of his or her employer in the employer’s business relationship with Au Bon Abbey.

Collection of Personal Data

  1. Au Bon Abbey collects personal data about contacts. Contacts include those employees of client institutions with whom Au Bon Abbey will deal in the normal course of business. Contacts also include persons within supplier and other organizations with which Au Bon Abbey has a business relationship – i.e. persons that suppliers, including self-employed consultants and contractors, or other organizations such as government departments or statutory bodies have appointed to deal with Au Bon Abbey.
  2. Au Bon Abbey does not collect personal information about end users of client institution’s networks.

Use of Personal Data

  1. Au Bon Abbey uses personal information to ensure effective business communications with contact persons that represent client institutions, suppliers and other organizations with which Au Bon Abbey has dealings.
  2. In its capacity as the agent of client institutions, Au Bon Abbey provides personal information about contact persons of client institutions to suppliers, where the supplier needs to use this information to communicate directly with the client institution.


  1. Au Bon Abbey respects the privacy of the individual and undertakes to protect the confidentiality of personal information about contacts that is supplied in the course of business relationships with Au Bon Abbey. Au Bon Abbey undertakes to use personal information solely for the purposes described above, and will not otherwise, unless legally obliged to do so, provide personal information to third parties.

Reservation of Rights

  1. Au Bon Abbey reserves the right to disclose personal information in its possession where it is required to do so by law or to exercise its legal rights or to defend itself against legal claims.
  2. Au Bon Abbey reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. Where a major change is made, contacts will be informed by e-mail notification or through a notice on our website. Contacts bear the responsibility to read the changes.

For questions about our privacy policy please email:


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