Organic Catering in San Diego and Southern California

Beyond Organic

Fresh, organic, local cuisine. Located in Southern California, the forefront of green catering and organic foods, Au Bon Abbey has exactly what the discerning organic connoisseur is looking for in eco-friendly catering. Known in the industry as live catering, this means that we use locally grown and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables as well as meats and dairy products that conform to a rigorous body of standards. Taking cues from local San Diego farmers markets, our menu is always fresh and changing.

We even take it a step further to ensure that we’re using sustainable products, such as bamboo based woods which save forests as well as avoiding chemicals that aren’t plant-based. Of course, this means recycling anything we can during your event to minimize our impact on Mother Earth.

Due to the nature of local, organic catering, our menu is always changing with the seasons. If you’re interested in learning more about our specialized organic menus, please contact us today.

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